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PRC 200

Danica Patrick 2013 Limited Edition Women's White Quartz Watch


Danica Patrick 2012 Limited Edition Women's Quartz Sport Watch

PRC 200

Danica Patrick 2011 Limited Edition Ladies White Quartz Watch


Danica Patrick 2010 LE Women's Quartz Trend Watch with Diamonds


T-Race Black dial with Orange Rubber Strap Chronograph


Dressport white Mother of Pearl Dial with White leather Strap


Have a great day and don't forget to literally and figuratively smell the roses!

--- 3 days ago ---

RT @StewartHaasRcng: .@DanicaPatrick's day was filled w/media interviews in NYC for @AspenDental's video. http://t.c…

--- 4 days ago ---

I love the @DrOz show! Talked about my smoothie experiment w/ @AspenDental & we got a little competitive! Airs soon

--- 4 days ago ---

Happy earth day! As I roll through nyc doing interviews for aspen dental, we are talking about how…

--- 4 days ago ---

Check out my new @AspenDental commercial! It was so fun...and gross to do!

--- 4 days ago ---

Had a few friends over last night and made a yummy dinner last night of quinoa with peas and carrots…

--- 4 days ago ---

So sad to hear that @SteveByrnes12 passed away. His last tweet-"I went the distance",You did my friend. Heaven gained a real fighter today!

--- 5 days ago ---


--- 6 days ago ---

My struggles with handstands... 1,2,3,4...5, there ya go. Kinda. I have to remember to laugh when I…

--- 6 days ago ---

RT @The90sLife: I miss this day in gym class

--- 6 days ago ---

What do all the cool kids do late at night?....go to Waffle House! Oh hey Austin! We all got top tens…

--- 6 days ago ---

Whats a girl to do while waiting for the rain to stop? Cook!

--- 7 days ago ---

RT @danicaracing: Keep fighting @SteveByrnes12!! 💪🏼 We're keeping you in our prayers. #ByrnesStrong

--- 8 days ago ---

Don't you love it when ur pup comes over to cuddle up?! Thanks @DallasStenhouse! ❤️

--- 9 days ago ---