Elisa & Adam

Aug 13, 2020

EP 50 - Elisa Romeo & Adam Foley
Our guests today are Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley. They are family and relationship counselors.

The show today is really all about their love story. Twin Flames. Their souls met and would not let them walk away from each other.

Adam talks to us about how this experience was for him, as someone who knew nothing about soul communication. The power of it was inexplicable. Elisa, at the time had great experience with communicating with her soul, but had never experienced anything like this before.

This episode is not just a cosmic love story, we also talk about how communicating with your own soul can help you in your life, not just with love, but all relationships.

If you want to learn more about soul communication, two must read books by Elisa Romeo are Meet Your Should, and Authentic Intuition, available in the links below.

We hope you enjoy this magical conversation today, and that you can make a connection with your own soul. We end the episode with a live and original recording of Adam Foley.


Elisa Romeo, M.A., M.F.T, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mystic, and the author of Meet Your Soul: A Powerful Guide to Connect to Your Most Sacred Self. Her worldwide private practice, which grew by word of mouth, consists of thousands of clients, who she works with by merging a background in depth psychology with an ability to directly communicate with the Soul.

Adam Foley, is a teacher of conscious masculinity and Soul embodiment. He has trained with world-renowned gurus in India, studying yoga and mysticism. Adam experienced a full awakening when he met his wife, Elisa. Through their meeting, he awoke to his past lives, ability to connect with spirits and discovered the true nature and purpose of his Soul.

Their Soul reunion and relationship showed them each how to activate and work with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within spiritual partnership. Together they host the popular spiritual podcast, Holy & Human. Adam and Elisa offer individual and couples sessions, lead spiritual retreats and host an online mystery school.  Learn more at: www.TheHolyHeart.com


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