Jaspreet Singh

Sep 22, 2022

EP 161 - Jaspreet Singh
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Thank you so much for stopping by. Today is special, because for the first time, I am interviewing somebody about money. Money is something that I don't worry a lot about. I am super blessed. I had a really successful career. But I also don't understand it that well. Todays interview is with Jaspreet Singh. He is an entrepreneur, an attorney, and a financial educator. He has an incredible YouTube Channel called Minority Mindset. And the beginning of this conversation was about mindset. If you don't have the right mindset about money. It's the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" syndrome. We also talk about the nuts and bolts. What to invest in. We talked about Crypto. At the end I ask him, if you have $5,000 dollars to invest, what would you invest in? You have to listen to the end to hear it.



Jaspreet Singh, also known as the Minority Mindset on YouTube, is a licensed attorney and CEO of Market Briefs. Although he didn’t receive any formal financial education – he’s on a mission to make financial education fun and accessible.The Minority Mindset YouTube channel has changed the lives of over 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers with his videos being viewed over 100 million times. Jaspreet is self-taught. His parents are immigrants from the state of Punjab, India. Like many of his second generation Indians, Jaspreet grew up thinking that he needed to become a doctor. But he found a new path - entrepreneurship & financial education. Jaspreet spread the financial education he wishes he learned earlier through his Minority Mindset YouTube Channel. Through his social media presence, he was able to start and build Market Briefs - a free financial newsletter. Market Briefs makes financial news easy to understand and accessible. It’s a fun, easy to read, and witty newsletter you can read in 5-minutes or less every morning. His brand has helped countless people get out of debt, start investing, and create a plan towards building wealth.


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