Najwa Zebian

Jul 2, 2020

EP 45 - Najwa Zebian
Najwa Zebian is a poet, 3 time best selling author, educator, and speaker. She is wise beyond her 29 years. Born in Lebanon, Najwa now lives in Canada. Najwa's writing is so powerful. It's amazing what one sentence of hers can make you feel. We talked about the struggles that go on in life and the things that we are all dealing with. Najwa's journey from being an outsider in a new land, to being a leader of others who have felt judged, excluded, or rejected. She talks about turning your pain into something beautiful, instead of bitterness. This is how she started writing. Najwa had her heart broken, and she dug into that unbearable pain and started writing. Najwa talks with an amazing vulnerability and honesty in front of a live audience at the New York woman's club The Wing. Be inspired by Najwa's insight into human behavior, and self belief. Her inspiring books include, Sparks of Phoenix, The Nectar of Pain, and Mind Platter.


Najwa Zebian was born in Lebanon. She moved with her family to Canada when she was sixteen years old. She became a teacher as well as a doctoral candidate in educational leadership. Najwa began to heal her sixteen-year old self by writing to heal her students. Since self-publishing her first collection of poetry and prose in 2016, Najwa has become an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.


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