Nate Boyer

Feb 20, 2020

EP 28 - Nate Boyer
Today on the Pretty Intense podcast…I said the name of the podcast because it's appropriate. Because today I spoke with Nate Boyer, who is a former Green Beret, a former NFL long snapper and was also a good friend in giving Colin Kaepernick some advice to take a knee instead of sitting on the bench, which we all know made a lot of news. I didn't even even scratch the surface on all the things that he's done. He is always looking for the next thing that he's drawn to. He goes all over the place. He's been all over the world. He snuck into countries to go help them out when he wasn't even allowed in. I mean, he's just a different thinker and he's just done a lot of really amazing things. So it was fun to talk to him about what motivates him. I actually asked him whether or not he was confused or really inspired because he's done so many fantastic things. But he brings a fresh attitude towards not being afraid to change your mind and do something new. So I hope you're inspired because I sure was. Enjoy.


Nate Boyer is what many would deem a renaissance man. The former active-duty US Army Green Beret is also a world traveler, a global philanthropist and community leader, and a professional athlete as a former member of the Seattle Seahawks.


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