Stacey Barnes

Mar 19, 2020

EP 32 - Stacey Barnes | Vulnerable
Today is another special show with my friend Stacey Barnes. We've been friends for 15 years and we have been known to do plenty of deep diving together when no one is listening. But we thought it'd be really cool to deep dive for you guys on one word. And the word today is VULNERABLE. This is a really important concept and something to embrace as a person. I can't think of a way that it would hurt you to be more vulnerable, but it is also very difficult. So we're going go into what that looks like, what that's looked like for us, what it means to us. And hopefully you can take something away that will hopefully make you a little bit more vulnerable yourself and connect with people and connect with situations in a meaningful way. So please enjoy.


Stacey is one of Danica’s best friends and spiritual guru.