Tony/Frances Pappalardo

Jan 23, 2020

EP 24 - Tony/Frances Pappalardo
Today on the show are Tony and Frances Pappalardo and they own a company called Customize Your Life. I met Tony and Francis on a vacation. And they were just like the coolest, most easygoing, positive people that you just want to be around. And then I found out about this super cool business that they started. It’s about helping people from the inside out and outside in. It's everything from finances your relationships. It’s kind of looking at business from a 360 perspective -  of all the things that could affect it in a negative way. And then on the positive side, it's about setting goals, about what you truly want from life. And they have really great strategies on that. So we dove into all the things pertaining to business and then we talked a lot about life and the challenges as human beings.

But ultimately, their philosophy is to think positive and think about what you want, not what you don't want, and then you'll manifest it. So we had a really good time. I hope you enjoy it.


Frances’ journey started in 2008 when she lost her dad to cancer and found herself in an existential crisis, questioning the true meaning of her life. Tony’s journey began in 2003 as a high school burnout who was about to become a single father.

Because Tony’s and Frances’ separate (yet similar) journeys brought them together and elevated their shared existence, they wanted to create a collaborative space where they could share with YOU the decisions, influences, and influencers that put them on a path to customize their life.