Aaron Alexander

Apr 6, 2023

EP 189 - Aaron Alexander
Thank you for listening to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show we are talking to Aaron Alexander, author of “The Align Method." Aaron has a podcast called www.alignpodcast.com, he has a book called “The Align Method" and he has a huge following on Instagram where you can see a lot of his athletic technique. Surprisingly, we did not talk a lot about the physical exercises. What we really dug deep into today was where your body stores its emotional tension. You cannot separate emotional health from physical health. It is all connected. In this episode we are really looking at our perception of reality, our connection with each other, and how to get in alignment with ourselves. Until we can face our traumas, and understand where our pain is coming from, we cannot reach full physical health We hope you enjoy this unexpected path down emotional wellness.


AARON ALEXANDER CR, LMT is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach with over two decades of professional experience whose clients range from A-list Hollywood celebrities to professional athletes and everyone in between. Aaron has interviewed over 400 hundred of the world’s preeminent thought leaders on physical and psychological well-being on the top-rated Align Podcast, bringing together a variety of diverse perspectives on optimizing health and performance. When he’s not writing or speaking, Aaron can typically be found somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or floating down a river in Austin, Texas.


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