Allison DuBois

Jan 26, 2023

EP 179 - Allison DuBois
Welcome back. Today on The Pretty Intense Podcast we have Allison DuBois. Alison is the very talented Medium, that inspired the TV series "Medium" with Patricia Arquette. Patricia plays the character of Allison in this very popular series, that ran for 7 seasons. Allison is also a NY Times Best Selling Author. She has written 6 books, and has her own podcast called "The Dead Life". Alison is my kind of people, and a specialist in fields I am passionate to learn more about. The spiritual side, past lives, reincarnation, soul connections, fifth dimensional energies. We cover it all. We talk about how Allison communicates with the dead. She warns us of the dangers of opening portals, when you are not skilled with spirit boundaries. We talk about how past relatives look out for us, and are sending us guiding messages all the time. Find out the biggest messages our dead are sending us from the other side, wanting to guide us to the best life here in the physical world. We hope you enjoy this very awakening episode with Allison DuBois.


Allison DuBois is a New York Times Best-Selling Author who has published 6 books, Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye, We Are Their Heaven, Secrets of the Monarch, Talk to Me, Into the Dark, and Love Can’t Tell Time. Her books are printed in several languages, and are popular worldwide helping to guide people through their grief and gain an understanding of paranormal abilities. She inspired the NBC/CBS hit television show MEDIUM, it ran for 7 seasons, Patricia Arquette won an Emmy for playing “Allison DuBois” and it’s still watched by millions of people around the world. Allison hosts the ‘The Dead Life’ podcast (Yea Network) looking at life after death and all things ethereal through the eyes of guests from different walks of life, The Dead Life is in the top 1% of all podcasts. YEA Networks distributes The Dead Life on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and all popular podcast forums. Allison is the founder and Head Mistress of Dead University, her own online school for the gifted, teaching students about Mediumship, Astrology, Earth Magick,and Healing. Allison has conducted live seminars Internationally for 17 years and is presently appearing in select cities in the U.S. Allison DuBois initiated the Amber Alert in the state of Arizona in 2000, and served on the task force to design it. She has helped numerous Arizona charities including Homes for our Troops, Wounded Warriors, Florence Crittenton, Panda, KISS-FMs Christmas Wish program etc. to raise money and bring awareness to causes close to all of our hearts; primarily to help children and our veterans. Allison is married to Joe DuBois and the mother of three daughters. Allison and her husband Joe currently live in Scottsdale, AZ..


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