Autumn Bates

Mar 3, 2022

EP 131 - Autumn Bates
We have a pretty intense nutritional episode with Autumn Bates. Autumn is a certified clinical nutritionist. She has her masters in nutrition and human performance. Some of you might follow her amazing YouTube channel teaching us all how to fast, what vitamins to take, what to eat, and how to eat it. We talk about how the body works as one system. How different types of fasting can effect this system. How to work towards better gut health, and the importance of good sleep. There is so much good advice in this episode. Get a pen and paper and enjoy.


Autumn Bates is a Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in Intermittent Fasting. She is the creator of the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle, which has helped thousands of men and women around the world achieve their weight loss and wellness goals with Intermittent Fasting. She is the creator of the Autumn Bates Youtube channel with over 360,000 subscribers and free weekly Intermittent Fasting and Nutrition videos.


Connect with Autumn:
IG: @autumnelle_nutrition
FB: @autumnbatesccn 

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