Chris Williamson

Dec 1, 2022

EP 171 - Chris Williamson
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show was Chris Williamson. Chris is the host of Modern Wisdom Podcast. Chris has spent years collecting so much information from so many amazing people, I really was intrigued to talk to him about what he has learned. We talked about psychology, social norms, men and women, changes in society. I tapped into his fascination with evolutionary psychology. We really took a dive into dynamics with men and women, what it's like to be a man, the dating hierarchy and how that is shifting. Stuff that is really changing our lives. This was a great conversation, where we covered a lot of topics, and came up with some solutions. Enjoy this deep dive with Chris Williamson.



Chris Williamson Host of the Modern Wisdom Podcast. Currently learning out loud with guidance from the most interesting people on the planet.


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IG: @chriswillx
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