Daniel Howell

May 20, 2021

EP 90 - Daniel Howell
We are talking to Daniel Howell today on the Pretty Intense Podcast. Daniel is a self-made YouTube sensation, a comedian, entertainer, and best-selling author. His new book ‘You Will Get Through This Night’ a practical, personal mental health guide - is out now. We are always talking about how to stay healthy on this podcast. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, there is no better time to talk to Daniel intimately about his experiences, being challenged by his mental health. Daniel talks to us about his struggles coming to terms with his sexuality, and how that effected his mental health. What you will come away from this episode with is a new perspective on what mental health is. We always consider our physical health, and what we can do to improve this part of our being, but unless we all accept that we need to check in with ourselves and consider our mental health as well, we can't fully be our best selves. Checkout his new book, out now - “You Will Get Through This Night”.


Daniel Howell is one of the world’s most popular and celebrated entertainers. For 10 years he has written and produced comedy videos on YouTube that have gained over 1 billion views and millions of followers, along with an award-winning BBC Radio 1 show, No.1 New York Times bestselling books The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and Dan and Phil Go Outside and two stage shows with sellout world tours. Known for his self-deprecating and sarcastic humor, Dan has also spoken about his real struggles with depression and sexuality and it is this mix of entertainment with the profound and deeply personal that has given Dan a devoted following of fans - as well as becoming an activist and ambassador for the Royal Foundation charity Young Minds.


Connect with Daniel:
IG: @danielhowell
FB: danisnotonfire
Twitter: @danielhowell