Dr. Stacy Sims

Mar 2, 2023

EP 184 - Dr. Casey Sims
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. This is a good one, especially if you are a woman. If you are a man, you will definitely learn a lot too. We sprinkle a lot of male health in here too. Or maybe you want to understand your woman better. We get into conversations about birth control. So you might want to know about that. Dr. Stacy Sims is an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist. I have been listening to Stacy for a while now. And every time I listen, I learn something new. She is so smart. She understands a woman's body, from a biological stand point, and hormonal strand point. Recovery, exercise, nutrition. She is just so well informed. Not a lot of research is funded and done correctly for women's health. We are talking about eating, refueling, fueling for the workout, when to train, how to train, where to get the best protein, and the most effective ways to lose weight. I learned so much today, and I am going to apply that into my life now. We can all start to understand a woman's body better. Dr. Sims loves to say, "Women Are Not Small Men." We hope you enjoy today's episode.


STACY T. SIMS, MSC, PHD, is a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise nutrition and performance for women. She has directed research programs at Stanford, AUT University, and the University of Waikato, focusing on female athlete health and performance and pushing the dogma to improve research on all women. With the unique opportunities, Silicon Valley has to offer, during her tenure at Stanford, she had the opportunity to translate earlier research into consumer products and a science-based layperson's book (ROAR) written to explain sex differences in training and nutrition across the lifespan. Both the consumer products and the book challenged the existing dogma for women in exercise, nutrition, and health. This paradigm shift is the focus of her famous "Women Are Not Small Men” TEDx talk. Her contributions to the international research environment and the sports nutrition industry has established a new niche in sports nutrition; and established her reputation as the expert in sex differences in training, nutrition, and health. As a direct result, she has been named: One of the top 50 visionaries of the running industry (2015) by DMSE Sports. One of the top 40 women changing the paradigm of her field (2017) by Outside Magazine. One of the top four visionaries in the outdoor sports industry (2017) by Outside Magazine - Genius Issue (no electronic version but here is the proof). One of the top four individuals changing the landscape in triathlon nutrition (2017) by Triathlete Magazine Dr. Sims has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers, several books and is a regularly featured speaker at professional and academic conferences, including those by USOC and USA Cycling. Stacy currently holds a Senior Research Associate position with SPRINZ- AUT University, supervises PhD students, writes academic papers, and is on the advisory board of some cutting edge companies including Tonal Strength Institute, WILD.AI, and EXOS. She also has her own business (www.drstacysims.com) where she creates and delivers online learning material focused on women training with their physiology across the lifespan. She currently resides at the beach in Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand with her husband and young daughter.


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