Hunter Hayes

Jul 1, 2021

EP 96 - Hunter Hayes
Our guest today is the wonderful talent of Hunter Hayes. Hunter is such a warm, thoughtful, self-reflective, kind, human being. He also happens to be a hugely successful musical artist, that has done what so few can, which is span over many genres of music. Hunter plays over 30 different instruments. He lives and breathes music. We talk today about the emotion and vulnerability that goes into his writing of a song. We talk about the balance that it takes of sharing your inner soul as an artist, while protecting yourself as a human. Hunter is so generous with his passion for his art. He really wants to spread love, hope, and understanding with every song he writes. Hunter has a new single out called " If You Change Your Mind." Hunter Hayes quotes - "I wanted a song on the album that represented missing someone so much that you forget everything bad and only remember the good. You find yourself in a dream-like state imagining what could happen if it went the way you always dreamed it would.” We hope you enjoy todays interview with Hunter Hayes.


Hunter Hayes is a multi-platinum selling recording artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A five-time GRAMMY© nominee, he is proficient at more than thirty instruments. Hayes has achieved 2 billion on-demand career streams and six gold and platinum-certified singles, including his massive 5x multi-platinum hit “Wanted.” In 2019, Hayes released the album Wild Blue (Part I). Last year, Hayes reached for the stars as the astronaut in the hit Fox reality singing competition The Masked Singer.


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