Lindsey Meehleis

May 11, 2023

EP 194 - Lindsey Meehleis
Welcome to The Pretty Intense Podcast. A really interesting guest today. I don't have any children, but this wonderful woman, Lindsey Meehleis, has delivered more than 1500 babies. She has been practicing since 2004 as a traditional, Spiritual Midwife. Today was a historical education of the process of growing a baby, and having a baby, and how that has changed so much over the last 500 years. We talked about the trauma of circumcision, the birth position male doctors dictated for their own comfort, the drugs used in the process. Natural child birth is such a beautiful process, and except for a few medical reasons that might require a hospital, the magic of a home birth can be the most wonderful entry into this world for your baby. We hope you enjoy this episode.


For the past 20 years, Lindsey Meehleis has worked in healthcare but found herself often in the shadows. In the shadows of the night helping women discover their own strength through psychedelic, transcendent experiences while they birth their babies in power at home. As well in the shadows of death as a Midwife who helps people cross the rainbow bridge. Her hands have touched the lives of many as they take their first and last breath. She has woven the stories of thousands of births throughout these 20 years. Trained traditionally and licensed through the Medical Board, she quickly learned that what is needed in the magic and mystery of birth and death can't be found in a book.  She serves families from womb to tomb, like many medicine women have done throughout time, with a deep remembering that many of these witches were burned at the stake for their threat to the standard industrialized medical complex. She has witnessed a drastic shift in healthcare since 2020 and looks forward to co-creating a new future of what true medicine always was. She gets down to the nitty-gritty of LIFE and everything it brings and illustrates the power that we have within, showing that birth, life and death are pivotal rites of passage that deserve to be held in sacred deep reverence.


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