Lisa Bilyeu

May 12, 2022

EP 142 - Lisa Bilyeu
Today on the Pretty Intense Podcast we have Lisa Bilyeu. She is an amazing woman that you are going to learn so many great things about. Lisa has a book just released called "Radical Confidence, 10 No BS Lessons On Becoming The Hero Of Your Own Life". This book talks about how Lisa learned to hold herself accountable for her own life. She talks about perspective and how to shift your mindset, how to be empowered, and to use yourself to be the hero of your own life. Lisa talks with us today, sharing some great stories of how she learned these lessons. Lisa also has her own show called "Women of Impact". Lisa interviews powerful women who have inspiring stories to share. Lisa and Tom Bilyeu started a company you probably know called Quest Nutrition, one of the fastest growing companies going from 0 - 1 billion in worth in just 5 years. These guys are unstoppable, and they are all about sharing with others how they did it. Lisa will inspire you. Don't miss this episode.


Lisa Bilyeu co-founded billion dollar brand Quest Nutrition and is also the co-founder and president of Impact Theory Studios, a evolutionary, digital-first studio, that produces wildly entertaining, original content focusing on themes of empowerment. Lisa has created an impressive slate that has been viewed over half a billion times and built a global audience. This includes her hit digital series “Women of Impact,” which showcases females who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success. With an uncanny eye for talent and market trends, Lisa oversees the in-house development of projects focused on female-driven and empowering content for multiple platforms for unscripted, scripted and publishing.


Connect with Lisa:
IG: @lisabilyeu
Twitter: @lisabilyeu

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