Nassim Haramein Part 2

Apr 29, 2021

EP 87 - Nassim Haramein Part 2
Today is part two of a mind blowing conversation with Nassim Haramein. Last week we talk about Egypt, and how Nassim's theories applied to the wonders of Egypt. This week we talk about how Nassim's theories and equations apply to our lives now. We talk about how, if we could just accept that we are all connect to the same source, that we could become a hugely advanced civilization. Nassim says "Imagine if today, humanity all of a sudden became unified. Meaning that race was not a problem anymore, borders were not a problem any more, and that we realized, we are all on the same planet and we have to collaborate." We are fighting a loosing battle, of each other, of greed, of power. The universe holds all we need if we could just work together to harness this energy. Lets hope we don't have to go to full self destruction before we can open our minds enough to see what is all around us. We hope you enjoy this episode, and that after listening you can feel the energy that surrounds you.



A world leader in physics, Nassim Haramein has dedicated 30+ years to research and development of a unified field theory. Haramein’s findings, peer reviewed and validated, are based on a fundamental geometric quantization of spacetime, formalizing a unification between the quantum scale and cosmological-sized objects, including the universe itself. Haramein's seminal paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” was published in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review & Research International in 2013. Utilizing a generalized holographic principle, the paper predicted a precise value of the charge radius of the proton, resulting in a radius 4% smaller than the Standard Model. This prediction was later confirmed at the Paul Scherrer Institute utilizing muons in a proton accelerator. The value has since been validated by the 2018 CODATA adjustment, the standard for all fundamental physical constants. Haramein serves as Executive Director/CEO across three organizations. Resonance Science Foundation, a team of researchers and educators host the Unified Science Course, a free program available in English, French, and Spanish, with 75,000+ students around the world. The Academy also offers electives courses, science news, media, and research publications. Torus Tech, a private R&D laboratory, applies Haramein’s physics theories to patented resonance technologies focused on vacuum energy extraction and gravitational effects. ARK Crystal, a subsidiary of Torus Tech and distributor of the ARK crystal, a ground-breaking technology that produces benefits resulting from an increased energy-coupling with the structure of the vacuum. The Connected Universe, a feature length documentary film, released in 2016 and narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, was produced based on Haramein’s discoveries and their potential impact on generations to come.


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