Sal Di Stefano

Aug 24, 2023

EP 209 - Sal Di Stefano
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Sal Di Stefano. He is a trainer who knows so much about psychology, human nature, and the human body. He is also the host of the "Mind Pump Podcast". His company Mind Pump Media, produces fitness programs you can buy. I have been doing a few of Sal's programs, and I am really enjoying them. Be sure to check those out at I am always trying to discover more truth. What it is that I can be doing better. I have learned so much about gaining muscle, strength training, what kind of workout programs are good for you, and which ones are bad. What is going to help us feel better, look better, leaning out, be stronger, and having a better hormonal profile. This interview with Sal Di Stefano is really powerful stuff, that will teach you a few easy steps towards your better health. We hope you enjoy the episode.


Sal started as a professional in the fitness industry as a trainer at the age of 18. His passion for fitness combined with his love of people quickly propelled him into big box gym management by the time he was 19 years old. During his career in gym management he grand opened some of the largest gyms in the California Bay Area and was often recognized as a top performer in sales, production and team leadership earning him accolades from top industry leaders. At the age of 24 he left the commercial gym industry to open his own fitness and wellness studio after he became dissatisfied with the big box gym approach to health and fitness. He wanted to bring a wellness based well rounded approach to people. In his small studio facility he brought in hormone and nutrition specialists, acupuncturists, gut health professionals and meditative/body work providers along with fitness trainers.This well rounded environment formed the voice that’s Sal is often currently lauded for. It was during his time in his wellness studio that he figured out how to solve the hardest and most persistent problems with fitness, health and wellness. His approach led to long term success with his clients and he developed a behavioral focused approach towards health and fitness. After a decade of running his studio he met Doug Egge the current producer of Mind Pump and shortly after he met Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews. They quickly hit it off due to their different backgrounds but similar approaches to fitness and health and they decided to start a fitness and health podcast. Mind Pump was launched and quickly became the number one fitness and health podcast in the world. Currently Sal is one of the most sought after experts in fitness and health with his effective, grounded and easy to understand style of communication. He has been on hundreds of top podcast shows and frequently speaks at trainer and health practitioner events. His passion for fitness, health and people is unmatched and he is steadfast with his goal of making the fitness industry one that is a force for good, with long term health being the focus and not one that is riddled with diet pills, crash diets and false promises. A quote that Sal is often credited for summarizes his approach to fitness and health. “Exercise and eat right because you love your body, not because you hate your body.”


Connect with Sal:
IG: @mindpumpdistefano
Twitter: @mindpumpsal 
FB: @mindpump 
YouTube: @mindpumptv