Stephanie Lyn

Mar 16, 2023

EP 186 - Stephanie Lyn
Thanks for watching the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Stephanie Lyn. I have been following Stephanie's work on YouTube for a very long time. She talks a lot about narcissism, codependency, intuition and red flags. Stephanie has over 500,000 followers on her YouTube account, where she is prolific in relationship content. We touched on personality disorders, and what develops them. What I wanted to learn was how do we avoid becoming a match for that dangerous person. This is a great deep dive, into the self. We talk about how critical it is to nurture the relationship with yourself. Teaching yourself how to listen to your inner child, and really use that relationship as your number one relationship. We also talked about the importance of sex, chemistry, and compatibility. We cover so much ground on the path to feeling whole in ourselves. We hope you enjoy the episode.


Stephanie Lyn is a Life Coach who will not only teach you the fundamentals of self-development and having good stable mental health practices, but will also give you the tools to heal and overcome what you have been through in your life. Her philosophy is that mental health does not have to be complicated! Her powerful messages have allowed her to coach people all around the world, creating a thriving coaching practice, establish online courses and other resources that have changed people’s lives and helped them to heal. Her teaching allows you to finally become emotionally and mentally healthy.


Connecty with Stephanie:
IG: @stephanielyncoach
FB: @stephanielyncoach
TikTok: @stephanielyncoaching
YouTube: @StephanieLynCoaching